Wildfire Fighting/Detection

With wildfires becoming increasingly common and severe in recent years, the need for solutions to catch fires early and monitor them has grown significantly. We offer a variety of technologies to meet this need. Electro optic technologies like thermal and NIR can see details through smoke that the human eye and standard visible cameras cannot see. This allows firefighters to remain safe and have additional information at their disposal to effectively allocate resources.

We’ve recently partnered with nMeta who specializes in artificial intelligence and applying this to satellite imagery and video streams. Along with Infiniti’s electro-optic systems they have developed Firemark, a cutting-edge solution that utilizes satellite imagery to detect fires, electro-optic PTZ systems and AI to classify them, and even firefighting UAVs to eliminate fires in some instances. This will be an invaluable resource to organizations combatting widespread forest fires across the globe.

Visible vs Thermal Forest Fire Side-by-Side Comparison

Visible and uncooled thermal footage of the St. Mary’s River and Lamb Creek wildfires in BC on September 1st, 2017.

Captured from over 5km away, the thermal infrared imaging (on the right side) depicts the heat in the scene, where white is hot and black is cold. Our thermal imaging is incredibly effective at being able to see through the smoke to reveal the heat waves and hot spots of the forest fire.