Infiniti has partnered with leaders in the AI and video analytics markets to offer high performance solutions for video surveillance, radar processing, satellite, and other markets.

For video surveillance applications AI and video analytics offer many advantages over standard camera systems. By leveraging the power of AI, users can increase the efficiency of human operators by reducing the time spent verifying false alarms and allowing the focus to be on reacting to relevant events. Some of the analytics possible are:

Perimeter Intrusion

Using a virtual line, users can create a fence or perimeter on a camera’s view that will trigger when an object crosses the line. This can be performed in real time to assist operators in detecting intrusions and identifying the threat.

Gun Detection

By training an AI using a large data set, cameras can be effectively used to quickly and effectively detect guns and other weapons, and then alert guards or law enforcement before a situation escalates.

Human / Vehicle / Object Classification

AI can effectively monitor a scene and create events when a human, vehicle or other object is detected. This can be further enhanced by adding color filters and other parameters to the rule. This can also be performed by an operator to narrow down large amounts of archived video to only relevant events.

People/Vehicle Counting

Analytics rules can be set to count the number of people, vehicles, or other objects entering/exiting a defined region. This can be useful for tracking vehicle traffic on highways, people entering/exiting in retail environments, and other commercial and security applications.

Fire Detection

By analyzing video streams, fires can be effectively detected based on the presence of flames or smoke, and quickly notify operators and emergency personnel.

Facial Recognition

AI can automatically filter and compare faces in video streams with an existing database to provide real-time alerts when a person that is on a blacklist is detected, or a VIP has entered the premise of a business. Alternatively, an operator can upload a picture to perform an automatic search through archived video to find matches.

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), surveillance systems can be used to compare captured license plates with an existing database. Whitelists and blacklists can be created to block entry in high security applications or notify operators if a vehicle is present on a list.

Outside of electro-optics applications, our AI can be used with many other datasets to find patterns and trends that would not be easily identified otherwise. As an example, our AI has been applied to satellite(link to satellite page) data and in minutes can effectively review and then track the number of cars in a parking lot over the span of a day. In surveillance applications with satellite this same technology can be used to analyze a wide area and compare data from previous days to find anomalies such as small piles of dirt that were not previously there and could indicate the presence of a IED.

hese are just a few applications that our AI and video analytics can be used in. We can train our AI in a matter of weeks to work with new and unique data sets, and welcome the opportunity to work in new markets to create solutions.